Noise Pop 2015 Has Started

The Noise Pop pre-party kick off event was last night at the Academy of Science. Were you there?

This year I am covering Noise Pop with a press pass. (LEGIT) The Pre-Party was my first event, and they had a special entrance for the press. (TOO COOL) There was no line and we got to cross a fancy, softly lit people bridge behind The Academy of Science … this was pretty cool!



My favorite part of Noise Pop are the Happy Hour Events. They’re free, open to everybody, and a great place to discover new bands. Not to be biased … but I am … and I must erge you not to miss Thursday’s happy hour, hosted by my project Balanced Breakfast and featuring some of my amazing friends band’s: The Damn Fanatics, Friends w/o Benefits & Bear Lincoln. The Happy Hours are hosted by such groups as San Franpsycho, Do415, Different Fur and The Bay Bridged, and you will see me at all of them. So before you head out to an official Noise Pop show, come join us at Bender’s.



I get bored super easy! So when I saw that Before The Brave was finally going on tour I told them “I want in!”

I’m not going to Lie … I may have begged a bit. It’s possible I may have been telling Jason Perry Stevens for months, “the second you go on tour … I want in!” I told him I would be his back up dancer, pr pro, merch babe, pack mule, anything the band needed.

A-W, no ZEN!!!

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