Day Wave & Hot Flash Heat Wave at The Independent

I got a phone call from SF Weekly, “Sorry this is last minute, can you shoot photos of Day Wave tonight?” I thought to myself, “what an awesome call!”

I discovered Day Wave in March while scouring bay area show calendars for bands going to SxSW. I was hoping to find local bands that might want to play Music City SF’s Bay Area showcase. Day Wave was officially booked on my calendar for 45 minutes … then the band realized they wouldn’t arrive in Austin in time for the showcase. I was bummed that I was unable to book them, but vowed to see them as soon as possible.

Thus this was a photo assignment was PERFECT!

Hot Flash Heat Wave opened for Day Wave. I only have one question … how do they make being in a band look so effortlessly cool? Why do some bands have to be taught how to look like a band?

See full Day Wave photo album on SF Weekly:

Noise Pop 2015 Has Started


The Noise Pop pre-party kick off event was last night at the Academy of Science. Were you there?

This year I am covering Noise Pop with a press pass. (LEGIT) The Pre-Party was my first event, and they had a special entrance for the press. (TOO COOL) There was no line and we got to cross a fancy, softly lit people bridge behind The Academy of Science … this was pretty cool!

I’ve been to Night Life before. I’ve learned that every time I tell people I was at The Academy of Science they always ask, “did you see the butterflies? Did you see the white alligator?” So I made sure I did exactly that … but I also snapped the above photo and socialized with a handful of music industry professionals in order to cover all of my bases.

The event was fun, but admittedly it wasn’t as “NOISE POP’N” as it has been in the past. The DJ sets were nice, but performances from previous years bands have been way more exciting!!! Also … there were probably Noise Pop employees at Night Life, but I didn’t see them … there were no Noise Pop schedules, schwag or hype for the upcoming week. Which is unfortunate … because this week is going to be AMAZING!!!

However … I did discover one company that made it all worthwhile. A company called Trash Amps, which makes speakers from mason jars, and other trash. They’re pretty legit … check them out!!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 5.30.50 PM



My favorite part of Noise Pop are the Happy Hour Events. They’re free, open to everybody, and a great place to discover new bands. Not to be biased … but I am … and I must erge you not to miss Thursday’s happy hour, hosted by my project Balanced Breakfast and featuring some of my amazing friends band’s: The Damn Fanatics, Friends w/o Benefits & Bear Lincoln. The Happy Hours are hosted by such groups as San Franpsycho, Do415, Different Fur and The Bay Bridged,  and you will see me at all of them. So before you head out to an official Noise Pop show, come join us at Bender’s.

Check out the full schedule HERE»

do415 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2015

5:00PM–8:00PM / Free / 21+
differentfur WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2015
5:00PM–8:00PM / Free / 21+
balancedbreakfast THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2015

5:00PM–8:00PM / Free / 21+
thebaybridged FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2015
5:00PM–8:00PM / Free / 21+
benders SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2015
5:00PM–8:00PM / Free / 21+


Northern Nights Music Festival 2014


article and photo by: Stefan – SF Intercom

I almost didn’t make it to NNMF 2014 … but as I was giving up Tucker Gumber messaged me and said “You’re coming with me!”

I had invited co-workers … I invited friends … I tried to catch a ride on Zimride …. and then at my darkest moment Tucker messaged me. Do you know Tucker Gumber? He’s “The Festival Guy!” Best described as the guy you see at EVERY festival and definitely as a promoter he’s the guy you want at your festival.

Tucker and I met at SxSW … I didn’t meet him first … I met his buddy. We struck up a conversation in the VIP booth at Pandora. When I was done ranting about music, SF Intercom, DeliRadio … the guy was like “You need to meet my buddy Tucker!” To which I responded, “oh yeah? Is he here?!” He was like “no … but he’ll definitely come over.”

And he did! He told me about Music, Festivals and his project Festevo! Tucker is an amazing guy … I knew we were going to be friends … but I had no idea he would be the reason I made it to a festival that I had pretty much given up on.

Tucker knew everybody at Northern Nights Music Festival. He’s the guy you want to show up when you realize you know nobody. So my advice to you … download his app … go to a festival … maybe NNMF 2015 … look for Tucker! Maybe you’ll be as lucky as me and he’ll spruce up your ok outfit with a green leopard print alligator jacket.

Download FestEvo on IOS:

festevo_ios festevo_app

or Android




Video & Article by: Stefan – SF Intercom

I get bored super easy! So when I saw that Before The Brave was finally going on tour I told them, “I want in!”

I’m not going to Lie … I may have begged a bit. It’s possible I may have been telling Jason Perry Stevens for months, “the second you go on tour … I want in!” I told him I would be his back up dancer, pr pro, merch babe, pack mule, anything the band needed.

When they announced they were going on tour, I may have called Jason a few (billion) times. I may have promised a few (billion) things I would never be able to fulfill?! However a quick phone call and a few band meetings later, Jason called me and said “you’re in.”

I packed my bag and was ready. We did 3 shows in 3 states in only 4 days. It was amazing! As some of you may recall, I toured once before with I The Mighty, just last year! That trip we did 7 states in 2 weeks. As you may suspect, I’m starting to get addicted to this touring lifestyle. You get very little sleep, sleep on floors when you do get sleep, eat poorly, take very few showers, and it’s amazing! I think if I could go on tour once every other month that would be perfect! Let’s see who I go on tour with next?!

Also, don’t worry I’ve been taking notes! I’m collecting up advice to help bands tour correctly. I’m not sure now when that will come out … but it will!

Please watch my video, comment, and of course … check out Before The Brave!

Basic Info



Article by: Stefan – SF Intercom

Helping you get the ladies since the 80s!

Helping me since the 80’s? I guess I should say thank you? HA!
I was contacted recently by Playboy School from Sacremento, “Stefan! You’re so going to love this band… AND… we’re playing shows in SF soon!” I listened to them… and they were correct!!! I did like them… so I  listened to a few more tracks, researched the band… then came up with a few questions that I thought would aid you in getting to know them… and maybe Sac.

What are your favorite bars to play in Sacramento?
Can we pick two? If we’re feeling rowdy, The Townhouse. We’ve spilled many a glass of wine on their stage, and they don’t seem to mind at all. If we’re  feeling classy, Harlows. Best stage in town. Sounds like butter.

What venue would you most like toplay in San Francisco?
Would it be too ambitious to say the Great American Music Hall? Other than that, we’ve never managed to play at Du Nord. The last time we were there, we saw Mumford & Sons.… couple months later (ok, a few), they were on the Grammy’s. cray.

What instrument not yet in your music would you like to add!?
We’ve been wanting to explore wind and brass more. Liani has always been a strings player, so she doesn’t think in winds and brass much. We tried to tweak a synth trumpet to sound like an old 20’s muted trumpet for our song, “Sweat“, but it left much to be desired. Other than that, bass clarinets, bassoons, and a bari sax are on our list.

Basic Info

Launched 2011

Release Date 2011

Genre Electro-Rock

Members Liani Moore & Mackenzie Knoester

Record Label Lion Tamer Records (916) 905-band

General Manager Captain Jack

Influences Motown, Nine Inch Nails, Prince, Classic Rock, Gladys Knight…

Current Location Sacramento/Los Angeles

Contact Info


Press Contact

Booking Agent

A-W, no ZEN!!!

Photo and Article by: Stefan – SF INTERCOM

Awesome!!! 26 alphabet towels.

Earlier today I was walking around Bed Bath and Beyond.
No… I don’t normally walk around Bed Bath and Beyond.
No… I’m not saying there is anything wrong with men walking around Bed Bath and Beyond.

I was walking around in Bed Bath and Beyond when suddenly I noticed some amazing Bath Towels. SWEET! They have towels for every letter of the alphabet.

Then I noticed… wait… no E… hey… no I…

Then my friend said:
“yeah it’s weird that there is no E, I, O… but nobody has a name that starts with X, Y, Z.

and then I re-buttled:
“What if Zen wants towels with his name on it?”
“What if Zen is in Bed Bath and Beyond and goes… hey cool… A-W towels!!!”

Then with a sarcastic voice my friend said:
“Maybe you should take a picture and blog about it. HA!”

I smiled and said:
“Maybe I will!”

I left Bed Bath and Beyond…

and wrote this blog.

Zen… You’re amazing!!!

If I made towels I’d include Z!

by Stefan


photo & article by: Stefan Aronsen

I HEART SHOES! I heart shoes as much as I heart bands. Ok… maybe I heart shoes more. Maybe!

I heart shoes, jackets and indie music. I do a pretty good job of hiding my addiction. I don’t have boxes of un-opened shoes in my closet, I don’t search e-bay for short runs. I do however drool over a well designed pair of shoes.

I used to do marketing for Adidas. This is a great way to see new trends, get free shoes, and get discounts on the shoes I wasn’t getting for free. I stopped working for them when the free shoes stopped. When there are no perks, marketing shoes becomes glorified sales.

My point is… I heart shoes… Adidas makes cool shoes… Sometimes I complain that girls get cooler colors and better designs. Yesterday I walked into the Adidas on Market to discover that the men have finally out done the ladies. Jeremy Scott has designed some wicked crazy shoes.

But are they too much?
How do you wear them?
Do I need to buy an Adidas singlet for the Captain America boots?
I like crazy shoes, but I don’t think I can pull any of these designs off!

Go check them out… and while you’re there… check out the new Star Wars Adidas. They’re pretty cool, and they were designing them while I was doing licensing at Lucasfilm. (So I feel a special connection to them.)

Also while I’m on it… If you didn’t see the Kelly video 5 years ago… SEE IT NOW! (Kelly: SHOES)


Photo and Article by: Stefan – SF INTERCOM

It is hard to ride a bike with boots.

I have been wanting a pair for boots for the longest time.
There’s something super rock and roll about walking into a bar with boots on.
It doesn’t matter if nobody notices the boots… it’s the confidence that boots provide that matters!
SHOOT! Now I want to find a bar with dual swinging doors… So I can walk in and feel like a cowboy!

However… I have found some complications while wearing boots:

  • I haven’t figured out how to dance with boots on. (I like to move my feet a lot!)
  • It makes running down the street impossible!
  • Freestyle walking is out of the question…
  • and finally… riding a bike is hard!
  • and you look silly with your pant leg rolled up!

Please… If you have experience with boots… Could you give me some pointers!? PLEASE!

by Stefan


Folk / Roots Music / Other
Santa Cruz
United States




honey.moon.tree. is in love with you already… we make the songs from far off lands, complete with ancient world superimposition over electronic and auxiliary percussion and singing that are sometimes performed and recorded. When recording, goji makes sound and current makes faces. when goji see’s face mirror makes a mask on current then with mask:sound sent through long tubes and received by sound bounce they make (2c)(b3) or (some lines are missing…)
(go to myspace for the rest

Photo by Stefan – SF Intercom