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My favorite part of Noise Pop are the Happy Hour Events. They’re free, open to everybody, and a great place to discover new bands. Not to be biased … but I am … and I must erge you not to miss Thursday’s happy hour, hosted by my project Balanced Breakfast and featuring some of my amazing friends band’s: The Damn Fanatics, Friends w/o Benefits & Bear Lincoln. The Happy Hours are hosted by such groups as San Franpsycho, Do415, Different Fur and The Bay Bridged, and you will see me at all of them. So before you head out to an official Noise Pop show, come join us at Bender’s.

Sondre Lerche At The Independent


The live show is alive and well. Everyone loves a great album, a single you can’t get out of your head, a music video that blows your mind over and over. But the concert hall is where you can unite with real, live human beings, where strangers come together for music. Concerts helps make a community out of individual listeners. There you can connect with a performer directly- not through a screen, but face to face.

“A Record Review” – Couches Slackin’ Since The 80s

Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.39 PM

I believe in live performance. I love seeing bands in person, up front and center stage to be able to get a sense of what people can do, and frankly I’m looking for bands that can WOW me into wanting to listen to their  recordings… this is always how I’ve traditionally enjoyed music. When I was […]

Behind the Mynd Episode VI: Egg~Mars~Ford~Stars

Behind The Mynd

In Episode Vi Thunderegg helps us open the show. He is amazing as always, such a knowledgeably hilarious human he is. Later on, Aaron Ford joins us to showcase some of his music, a look into his creative process, writing in a Mexican hotel rooms’ closet, and how our eyebrows show our astrological signs. A wonderful event over all!

Ivan & Alyosha, The Record Company, and Branches at The Independent, 08.14.13

The Record Company_Anna Larina 5

A last minute addition to the bill, San Francisco’s Branches started off the show with a living room-style set on the Independent’s big stage. They were impressive performing as a three-piece, but also made me wish to hear them full-band one of these days. I may not have much to say, but rest assured it’s […]

Whiskerman and Con Brio at Cafe Du Nord

Du Nord 7-12_42

High Sierra Music Festival

HSMF 2013_3699  

The She’s and Tamaryn at Converse Represent SF –

Converse at Slim's 417

photos: Emily Sevin Photography more at:

Picture Atlantic & Owl Paws at Thee Parkside

Geoff Rickly by Anna Larina

On Tuesday June 25th, San Francisco-based Owl Paws finally got to play a show with San Jose’s Picture Atlantic. The two local bands opened for Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife and Geoff Rickly of Thursday, who are on tour together, playing acoustic. During Owl Paws’ opening set, guitarist Colin Hayes said Picture Atlantic is one […]

Emily Sevin’s Photography Opening Reception

show flyer

Hey all! I’m Emily Sevin, a local photographer interested in all things that reflect humanity and emit energy. My first memories of holding a camera are those from when I was six, photographing the neighbor’s tulips with a disposable plastic camera. Twenty years later I earned my master’s degree in photography and have had my […]



I get bored super easy! So when I saw that Before The Brave was finally going on tour I told them “I want in!”

I’m not going to Lie … I may have begged a bit. It’s possible I may have been telling Jason Perry Stevens for months, “the second you go on tour … I want in!” I told him I would be his back up dancer, pr pro, merch babe, pack mule, anything the band needed.



Article by: Stefan – SF Intercom Noise Pop starts this week … I hope to see you out at a show!!! There are five free happy hour shows. I am going to see them all, however I know some of you aren’t willing to commit that much of your week to music. Thus you will likely […]

Jess Jane…


Jess Jane…Remember her name By Samantha Madnick This is Jess Jane an up and coming Bay Area artist. She is one of the most humble people I have ever met. Her voice is breath taking as well as her beauty. Jess is based in Napa, CA. She is currently finishing her record at Trinity Gold Media […]

The Dirty Hand Family Band

The Dirty Hand Family Band

       Photos by: Peter Virth The Dirty Hand Family Band got together to make the best music you ever heard. Made up from great bands such as, The Stowaways, Radio Revolt, Sam Marie, Dan and Horror – X The Dirty Hand Family Band’s website To check out more of my work please visit:


I The Mighty

A few weeks ago a friend put me onto I The Mighty, a Californian progressive/alternative rock band in the same vein as Circa Survive and Saosin. I initially assumed the band must be based out of LA as many other up and coming alternative rock bands are. It was refreshing to find that the four-piece […]

From Indie to Majors & Back Again: Two Local musicians go from Major Deals to Self Release & Keep the Fire Alive


It’s every young aspiring musicians dream to get signed to a major label and make records for the rest of their life–at least it used to be. However most will never get there. People give up hope, they get beaten down by the music business, their songs or haircut don’t fit the times, no one […]

My First Earthquake (2010)

Amber Gregory Photography


Picture 23

Photo and Article by: Stefan – SF INTERCOM IT’S A FREE FUCKING SHOW!!! A request from Daniel Lannon: “This is probably one of the most important things I will ask of any of you!! My band The Frail has been asked by Ford to do a special performance at The Mezzanine on May 7th. They […]



photo & article by: Stefan Aronsen I HEART SHOES! I heart shoes as much as I heart bands. Ok… maybe I heart shoes more. Maybe! I heart shoes, jackets and indie music. I do a pretty good job of hiding my addiction. I don’t have boxes of un-opened shoes in my closet, I don’t search […]



Photo and Article by: Stefan – SF INTERCOM It is hard to ride a bike with boots. I have been wanting a pair for boots for the longest time. There’s something super rock and roll about walking into a bar with boots on. It doesn’t matter if nobody notices the boots… it’s the confidence that […]



HONEY.MOON.TREE Folk / Roots Music / Other Santa Cruz United States BAND MEMBERS: unavailable ABOUT FRENCH MIAMI: honey.moon.tree. is in love with you already… we make the songs from far off lands, complete with ancient world superimposition over electronic and auxiliary percussion and singing that are sometimes performed and recorded. When recording, goji makes […]

French Miami


FRENCH MIAMI Psychedelic / Dub / Big Beat San Francisco United States BAND MEMBERS: Roland, Jay, Chris ABOUT FRENCH MIAMI: “Ummmmm…..holy shit. Holy, holy shit. That is pretty much, with all the eloquence I own mustered, the only way I know how to describe French Miami. Words don’t really do justice to what this […]



Microfiche Indie / Shoegaze / Electro San Francisco, California United States ABOUT MICROFICHE: Guitar – Atom Ray Keys – Heidi B. Bass – Tim Lillis Drums – Amol Sogal ABOUT MICROFICHE: Microfiche is an instrumental four-piece from San Francisco (a five-piece if you count archaic archiving machines turned light-sensitive instruments). Microfiche draw diagrams for […]

Better than Aliens


Better than Aliens Electro / Indie / Pop San Francisco, California United States BAND MEMBERS: Marty Mattern – Vox, Guitar, Keys Justin Pittman – Drums Daniel Leech – Bass