Bi-Monthly Top Ten


10. SWEATERS! – What do most Californians do to protect themselves from the cold in the winter? They wear hooded sweatshirts, or “hoodies”. HOW BORING. The world outside of California has discovered a magical garment called the “sweater”. They are warm, cozy and can be very expressive of one’s personality. There are whole websites dedicated to the artistry of sweaters, for example Leslie Hall’s online museum of Gem sweaters (

There is a world outside of hoodies, and it is beautiful.

Check out this overpriced Top Shop sweater! Its great.

9. Telling People that Bill Cosby is NOT dead– Over the past week, an internet rumor surfaced that Bill Cosby died. For a good day or so I saw many “RIP Bill Cosby” and even one “RIP Bill Crosby”, facebook statuses and was very sad. But guess what?! HE’s NOT DEAD! YAY! Continue reading “Bi-Monthly Top Ten”

Ten Years in the Making

I was born and raised in a small town in the Napa Valley called St. Helena. There was no scene there, no other bands to look up to and as you can imagine no venues to support a young group of kids trying to make music. So, as you can imagine we did it all ourselves. We built stages in barns and fields, borrowed antiquated sound equipment and invited people to come watch us play music in random found locations. We wrote all of our own songs and began playing them as often as possible.

One show led to another and with a bit of confidence built up we began to set our musical sights on possibilities outside of our small hometown. We ventured out slowly into the Bay Area, playing small shows anywhere a someone would let us. Looking back most of those shows were at some of the worst venues with bands that sounded nothing like us. It wasn’t exactly the dream coming true we’d all hoped for but we had each other and for those 30 minutes on stage we had our music.

As the years went on people peeled off to college and other interests. We all grew up and the band fell apart. I carried the torch with one of my best friends until I was about 20 but then it was time for even the final two remaining original band members to go their separate ways. I decided it was time for a break from music, from school, from whatever life I thought I knew. I threw on a backpack, jumped in a huge cargo van and headed to the wilderness for a summer. In the mountains of California I fell in love again; with music, writing, reading, life in general. I came back from that summer with a journal full of possibilities ready to be realized.

This marked the beginning of Buckeye Knoll, a project that sprung from a reawakening and freshness that you get when you break away from what you know and begin to discover the rest of what’s out there.

A lot has happened since then. I’ve written some more music and recorded dozens of tracks, put out an EP in 2007 and toured the western US in support. I finished up an Anthropology degree at UC Santa Cruz, then got a Masters in Environmental Education while traveling the country for two years in an old school bus. I feel like I’ve been around the world and back and in a lot of ways I have, yet I’m coming back to music.

In reality I’ve always been “coming back” to music and always will. It comes and goes in my life in variable intensities but it’s always there like a constant melody evolving through the years. And now I’m on the verge of something beautiful. After two years traveling, writing and recording over 20 tracks with my best friend, engineer Cian Riordan, I’m putting out a Buckeye Knoll full length album this Spring. It reflects the people and places I spent the better part of two years with.

Ready to jump back into music and see if I can start a fire. Here goes.


My New Vampire Series That is Doing Quite Well

by Nik Bartunek

I’m not sure if any of you have heard, but I’ve recently been gaining a lot of attention for my newest series of books. I’m not really the Ann Rice type, but for some reason, I’ve had good creative success in writing a handful of Vampire teenage love stories. Or the Rovamps section at Barnes & Noble if you will.
The Scifi Network has already payed for, and begun filming the first book, in a straight to TV/DVD format. But there is already talk of filming the next novel!

So I thought it would be fun to share some quotes with you from the books.


“Brenda had seen him around the school, standing up against walls, or sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, just watching people go by. He had even made eye contact with Brenda a couple times; or maybe it could have been his one lazy eye. Regardless, she found him extremely attractive. He was so dark and dreamy, yet full of raw teenage angst. His vintage clothes gave him a very Indie look, but his pale features, and dark lock of flowing hair also made him look like a Hot Topic employee. Brenda couldn’t control herself. What man could be of both the Indie and Emo world? Brenda knew who; a total hunk-muffin” – That Part of The Day Immediately Following Sunset, Chapter 3

“…”Yes Brenda, I’m a vampire” said Edwin. Brenda’s face drained white with shock, almost as white as Edwin’s. “Vampire’s are real. Just like Werewolves, Frankensteins, or Crab-People…” – That Part of The Day Immediately Following Sunset, Chapter 8

“Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be famous, or be in a movie?” mused Brenda. Edwin sat and thought on this for a moment. “Yeah, I have a little bit. It would be great. They would make multiple movies, chronicling my life. There would even be a vast empire of extremely modern, but mostly inexpensive merchandise.” This idea gave Brenda the shivers, but Edwin continued. “There would be these awesome wall posters of me for like $19.99 plus tax that you could get at all nearby Target’s, Forever 21’s and Hot Topics. And I’m pretty sure there would be these really kick ass movie soundtracks with bands like Paramore and some other currently popular bands for the really low price of $15.99 plus tax at Rasputin, or Target.” This idea was too much for Brenda. She knew that with such poetic ranting, Edwin had to be the Vampire for her. Any person with such scope, vision, and abs, had to be the one she was in love with” – That Part of The Day Immediately Following Sunset, Chapter 15

“Brenda cradled Edwin’s head in her arms, and slowly began to stroke his flowing mane of James Dean-esque hair. “Brenda?” said Edwin in a very sexy soft voice that was like…super sexy and soft. “Yes my dearest?”. Edwin paused, and then stared deep into Brenda’s soul. “Of all the hundreds and thousands of years that I’ve been alive on this earth, out of all the girls I’ve met, and been in love with, and the couple that I’ve turned into Vampires, I’m pretty sure that I love you the most, and that I’m the most in love with you. I really mean that.” It was the sweetest thing any Vampire or Human had ever said to Bella. She had really low self esteem anyways. – The Part of The Day Immediately Following Sunset, Chapter 20

And now, moving on to some highlights from the second book, being turned into a movie as well.

“Unhand Bella…I mean Brenda!” fumbled Edwin, in a phrase that almost cost the Author a lawsuit. the Evil Lord Vampire Mephistophosoleze laughed with the cold iron lungs of an evil Lord Vampire. “Bella..I mean Brenda is mine now, and there is nothing you can do to stop me!” With that, Edwin then drove a stake through Mephistophozoleze’s heart. With a shriek, he fell backwards over the railing, clutching at the protruding piece of wood. “I regret noooottththhhhiinnnggggg..

….”His voice trailed off into the darkness, and with that, he disappeared deep below into the Wendy’s trash compactor. – Gibbous Moon, Chapter 5

Well, I hope you enjoyed what you read. I’d also like to remind you that you can catch my movie at 3am, next Sunday night on the Scifi network, and can probably pick up the collectors edition of the full series for $9.99 in paperback from most Barnes & Nobles, and most Arby’s kids meals.

Till we meet again,



Photo and Article by: Stefan – SF INTERCOM

I take pictures of bands for fun.

When I’m at a show… I like to take pictures of the musicians performing…
I don’t shoot photos at the beginning of a show!!!
I wait till all the other photographers are done… Then I start…
Hopefully I get a photo nobody else got.
Also… I don’t want a photo that doesn’t have some sweat in it.
(I think sweaty armpits are rock and roll!)

Taking photos at shows helps me remember new bands I’ve never heard of.
It also makes members of the band super curious about my M.O.
I have made many new friends based on a couple photos at a show.
Thus… If you want to make friends in bands… I recommend bringing your camera.

(Picture taken at Benders, The band is Sugar and Gold.)

I Heart SF Bands – About this blog!

I heart SF bands.

I really do.

Of course, by saying ‘SF’ I am including not just San Francisco but the East Bay, North Bay, the Peninsula (where I’m from) and even San Jose as well. And by saying ‘Bands’ I’m including not only your typical three-or-more piece rock group but your solo artists and your collaborative groups as well.

Let’s just say that there’s is a lot of music, a lot of bands and a lot of people involved in the music scene around these parts that I really really like.

Which is exactly why this blog isn’t going to be written by just me. This is a collaboration between myself and other people involved in the Bay Area Music scene and it serves three purposes.

1. For people in the music scene to have a space to post their thoughts/vents/what-have-yous outside of the usual venue of their band blog and give them an opportunity to represent themselves

2. To raise awareness and bring further community and cohesion to the local music scene.

3. To give you an opportunity to interact with these people a little more directly and, hopefully, create something fun and engaging for you to read and contribute too!

I’m going to stop there because I think this blog will evolve as more people get involved and I would hate to pigeon hole it so early on. Yes, it’s by musicians but it doesn’t have to be about music. Yes, it’s entrenched in the bay area music scene but that doesn’t mean it has to be off limits to outsiders.

And a little about me: I’m the lead singer, guitarist, singer-songwriter for a Redwood City based indie rock/power-pop band called Please Do Not Fight. But I’m also a huge music fan and an even bigger fan of community. A lot of the people who’re going to be involved in this blog are not only people I respect a ton but are also in local bands who’s music I adore. If you can’t tell, I’m really excited about this project.

My posts here will be weekly at minimum – I hope it ends up being as enjoyable for you to read as it will be for me to write!