Doug Streblow

From Indie to Majors & Back Again: Two Local musicians go from Major Deals to Self Release & Keep the Fire Alive


It’s every young aspiring musicians dream to get signed to a major label and make records for the rest of their life–at least it used to be. However most will never get there. People give up hope, they get beaten down by the music business, their songs or haircut don’t fit the times, no one […]

A little something for the Holidays


This Holiday season there’s a lot to be disgruntled about: an economy in the tank, Dizzy Balloon taking their final bow and worst of all, sweaters. On the flip side however there is plenty to be thankful for: friends, family and well sweaters. Wherever you stand on the Holiday cheer/scrooge spectrum I wanted to give […]

Bird Call releases amazing new EP


Bird Call, formally known as Chiara Angelicola is the project of well, Chiara Angelicola the Italian bombshell and Bay Area native who’s been wowing audiences with her powerful voice and stage presence around the Bay for almost a decade. Her latest release is her new EP “The Animals Know” and it’s an incredible chapter in […]

Goodbye Audrye Sessions.


Audrye Sessions have been playing music together for about 7 years in the greater Bay Area and so it is with a heavy heart that they pack up their instruments and play one last show before calling it quits. I have seen and played with Audrye Sessions many times since 2004 with my previous band […]

MOVE—an album review for Please Do Not Fight


Zen is a big bear. He is well over 6 foot and has a sturdy frame that brings an unmistakable presence to whatever space he’s inhabiting. He sings, writes and plays guitar for the Bay Area Power Pop Rock band Please Do Not Fight out of Redwood City.

Music without the Music

Shimmy Boyle

I recently met a man named Shimmy Boyle. He’s a man of his words, a poet some might call him. I like “language magician” better, at least it suits him better. He has a way of wrapping up images in words even the best imaginations seldom can. It’s inspiring to say the least. I won’t […]

The BIG Release

April 22nd Santa Cruz...April 23rd Oakland...April 24th St. Helena

So I spent over two years making an album I’m releasing this coming week with my band Buckeye Knoll. It’s called People and Place. I just wanted to take a moment and recap some of the elements that make this album different, significant and special in ways that may or may not make it to […]

Where do songs come from?

Tam's Camera 006

This blog is about the inspiration for songs. Where do songs come from? What inspires a song? Is it people, emotions, life experience, religion, myth, drugs, love, anger, creativity, a good conversation, a wound, a triumph? Whenever I’m asked the question, “Where do your songs come from?” the first thing I always think of is […]

Finding Yourself Again

House Party

Some times the most unexpected musical evenings are the ones that turn into the most inspiring. Something happens when you begin to get involved with any “scene”—you find out what you like and what you’re not so fond of. Then you start acting on those likes and dislikes. In the world of music these inclinations […]

Ten Years in the Making

Start it up

I was born and raised in a small town in the Napa Valley called St. Helena. There was no scene there, no other bands to look up to and as you can imagine no venues to support a young group of kids trying to make music. So, as you can imagine we did it all […]