Tangled, Tied Up, and Drowned by Sound: Bent Knee Returns to Art Boutiki

“I imagine your dead body lying in my bed..” Bent Knee vocalist Courtney mused, playing a light tinkling of bell sounds across her keyboard. With these first few notes the audience plunged into the depths of Bent Knee’s sound- depths sometimes murky and dark, sometimes clear and cutting, and always shocking to a new audience, surprised to suddenly find they could breathe underwater all along.

Towns Like These: Travis Hayes and Other Locals at Great American Music Hall

On a warm Saturday night during Pride weekend, the Great American Music Hall bustled with excitement. Not only were three amazing Bay Area bands about to share one of the most beautiful stages in San Francisco, but the Supreme Court had declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states just in time for LGBT Pride 2015.

On Lila Rose’s WE.ANIMALS

If you weren’t already convinced, Lila Rose’s music defies conventions. And as evidenced by Stefan’s review of her fantastic album release party at The Independent, Rose puts on a hell of a live show.

Just Hold Me Tight – Stream the new Astronauts, Etc. Single “I Know”

For fans of: Vacationer, Miike Snow, The Bee Gees 1st, The Weeknd. On his new release as Astronauts, etc., Anthony Ferraro (perhaps temporarily but oh-so delightfully) trades in his play-all-the-instruments-yourself/bedroom-pop producer’s hat for the organic feel of musicians playing live together in a room. The results make a significantly smoother sound – blending influences to create a mellow mid-70’s AM radio record […]

Con Brio releases ‘Kiss The Sun’ and single-handedly increases the number of babies born nine months from now

In fact, preliminary research shows that this week’s surge in love-making, its boost in bonking, its escalation in copulation, may increase the population nationwide as much as 2% come November 2015. Con Brio’s Kiss The Sun is a vibrant, absurdly over-the-top, genuinely fun six-track whirlwind. Highlights include the sexy slo-jam R&B of “Never Be The Same” and “Sex […]

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On Lila Rose's WE.ANIMALS

If you weren't already convinced, Lila Rose's music defies conventions. And as evidenced by Stefan's review of her fantastic album release party at The Independent, Rose […]
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