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Frinj + Travis Hayes + K-Low at Amnesia – Friday, May 1st

Catch the indie/folk quartet Frinj live at Amnesia this Friday, May 1st as they premiere music from their brand new EP. Check out their (particularly goofy) Crowdfunding video, and watch as they traverse through many world languages with incredible ease. And listen to their first single Wild Child below: A band with strong ties to Balanced Breakfast and the local San Francisco […]

Just Hold Me Tight – Stream the new Astronauts, Etc. Single “I Know”

Group picture of the band

For fans of: Vacationer, Miike Snow, The Bee Gees 1st, The Weeknd. On his new release as Astronauts, etc., Anthony Ferraro (perhaps temporarily but oh-so delightfully) trades in his play-all-the-instruments-yourself/bedroom-pop producer’s hat for the organic feel of musicians playing live together in a room. The results make a significantly smoother sound – blending influences to create a mellow mid-70’s AM radio record […]

Emily Afton Single Release Show at Leo’s in Oakland – Thursday, 2/19

It gives me great pleasure to announce Emily Afton’s new single ‘Severing The Knot.’ Emily is a person of truly rare talent, with a voice that would stop traffic going 75 across the Bay Bridge. And without hyperbole I can safely say her music traverses a wider range of genres than almost any other local Bay Area musician I can think […]

Con Brio releases ‘Kiss The Sun’ and single-handedly increases the number of babies born nine months from now


In fact, preliminary research shows that this week’s surge in love-making, its boost in bonking, its escalation in copulation, may increase the population nationwide as much as 2% come November 2015. Con Brio’s Kiss The Sun is a vibrant, absurdly over-the-top, genuinely fun six-track whirlwind. Highlights include the sexy slo-jam R&B of “Never Be The Same” and “Sex […]

When There’s A Will, There’s A Way José

Way José

Way José sounds equally familiar and strange. An eclectic mix of the past, it melds motifs from 60s folk, R&B, funk, and shamanistic world music. Each song is different. One’s subdued, yet still intense and introspective, another more funky and grooving. Way José is the solo recording project of the producer/multi-instrumentalist Daniel DeMento (also of Feather-Bright), who describes the […]

Dangermaker Video Premire – “Something More”


If you haven’t heard of Dangermaker by now, than you haven’t been reading I Heart SF Bands, and probably haven’t been clued in to what Balanced Breakfast is …yet! (This isn’t a dig at you, mind you, more of an acknowledgment that I’ve written about them before. In short, Dangermaker is a fancy/dancy/poppy four piece […]

“A Record Review” – Couches Slackin’ Since The 80s

Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.39 PM

I believe in live performance. I love seeing bands in person, up front and center stage to be able to get a sense of what people can do, and frankly I’m looking for bands that can WOW me into wanting to listen to their  recordings… this is always how I’ve traditionally enjoyed music. When I was […]

Get to Know: Balanced Breakfast Singer-Songwriter Guitarists (that’s SSG to you)


I take for granted the fact that if you arereading this post, (either by way of I Heart SFBands, Sf Intercom, or social networking links) you are familiar with Bay Area Balanced Breakfast… …turns out that assumption might not be true. How can other people know what it is when there are times when I’m baffled as to […]

Get to Know: The Damn Fanatics


Once a week, I sit down with the Damn Fanatic’s Andy Strong and have a pleasant chat. Topics vary from the prospects of touring, to whether or not David Byrne rocks harder than David Bowie, but one thing is abundantly clear: Andy Strong is a mad man in the best possible sense. And it seems […]

Get To Know: Bear Lincoln


Last week Balanced Breakfast proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that local (Bay Area) music, based on a community that supports SHOWS is alive and well… This week Balanced Breakfast does it again as four bands will take the stage to showcase what the Bay Area has to offer in the way of up and coming acts. […]

Get to Know: Friends w/o Benefits


What can I say about Friends w/o Benefits that hasn’t already been said? Well, considering they are a local band in their first year of shows, quite a bit.

Get To Know: The Oakland Mind


Oakland takes over in the Richmond this coming week, and you should be totally stoked. The Oakland Mind aren’t just a rap group with clever rhymes and unique production (although they do meet that criteria), they are a state of mind. This is a prime reason Neck of the Woods is going to be popping off this Thursday night.

Get to Know: The Y Axes (playing Neck of the Woods 9/4)


The FIRST thing you need when planning a cosmic space party is intergalactic party music. Well thank your lucky quasars because you now have the Y Axes. They’re about to tear the roof off Neck of the Woods on Thursday, September 4th – just you wait. The Y Axes combine an infectious blend of layered […]

Show Review: Tremor Low, Old Monk, Not Sure. Not Yet


I saw Not Sure. Not Yet at their Grow EP release show on July 31 at Milk Bar, where they celebrated the record’s music as well as some new tunes. The two opening acts were Tremor Low (SF) and Old Monk (Brooklyn). First Up: Tremor Low Taking a journey through 80’s brooding dance-pop, Tremor Low started […]

What is The Oakland Mind?


“I think the kind of people in the scene have changed. The biggest people in Bay Area hip-hop ever are Mac Dre and Mac Dre. He brought a sense of weirdness and quirkiness to the rap game, that has stuck even twenty years later.”

-Najee Amaranth

A “Performance Review” for 7/18 @Neck of the Woods

This Friday in particular was a show I’ve been looking forward to. When a man claims his show has the late great Dr.Hunter S. Thompson as in inspiration (in the good Dr’s city mind you) you’ve grabbed my attention… …The Damn Fanatics, The Street Hearts and WhaleSoundz @Neck of the Woods (Richmond District, SF, CA) […]

“A Community for Musicians “


After I’ve seen in person how great of music scene we have here at our finger tips on any given night, I’ve realized how spoiled we’ve become in San Francisco. We’ve become accustom to not committing to a full show (or anything else for that matter)… We no longer enjoy going out of our way […]

“A Performance Review” for the week of 7/7/14-7/13/14


You know its going to be a great week, when EVERY DAY there is an event that you should attend. Last week was an amazing week to be in the greater San Francisco area for music. Lets start on Monday at Amoeba… there was a Cloud Nothings set that felt more like a living room […]

CONCERT CALENDAR: THIS WEEKEND ~ More shows than you can wag a finger at!

Guy Fox Night Owl

Not one not two not three not four not five but six shows worth seeing this weekend! That’s right! But my count, there are 6 great shows in 3 short days coming up Bay Area! And undoubtedly there are several others I’ve missed. So what’re you waiting for! Let’s talk shows! With this wide variety of genres, […]

“A Performance Review” Bonnie & The Bang Bang, Battlehooch, and DonCat @Slim’s 6-27-14


If there’s one thing a performance(r) needs to have, its a total understanding of timing. You need to know when to slow a set down, speed a set up, work the crowd, etc etc… Timing is something I need to get better at when writing these reviews. (and forget excuses, sure I’m busy and have […]

“A Performance Review” Kendra McKinley & Logan Greene @ The Knockout 6/26/14


This is a review I’ve been looking forward to writing. I never know for sure what I’m going to get when I go see a band. Yeah, I can listen to the new single from a band, stream the album online and even enjoy the music on a CD (Yes I still listen to cd’s)… […]

Video: DonCat – ‘Where Wind Blows’ Live @ The Chapel Bar


As a youth, Duncan ‘DonCat’ Nielsen’s grandma gave him an odd pile of European released Beach Boys tapes, which lead him to the record store searching for other oddities. Coming from a family of music enthusiasts, including a dad with a penchant for Cream and the blue shades of Jimi Hendrix, a brother with drum […]

“Where’ve you been Cadet?”


So it’s been over a month since I last wrote. For those who were anxiously awaiting pt.2 of the Battlehooch residency review, I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long/let you down, but it’s past the statute of limitations to post that review. I know, I dropped the ball… I don’t want to bore you […]

Melvoy – San Franfrisco | Irrelevant Elephants – June 28th at Amnesia


San Diego native Melvoy now calls San Francisco his home, and it sounds like the Bay Area is happy to have him. Melvoy (real name Emmanuel Castro – perfect) records high energy, brazen millennial surf-rock with just enough attitude to keep you on your toes. The full Melvoy solo album is released later this summer, but the track San Franfrisco (a catchy spooky […]