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What a SHOW is to me, or…my vision for the SF/Bay area Music Community

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  San Francisco music community, I love you but some times you bring me down… (ala James Murphy) When I was going to SHOWS back in lil ol’ Wyoming, it was a given that a SHOW meant going to see EVERYBODY playing that evening. Its basic D.I.Y etiquette really; that all bands playing on a […]

The Do It Ourselves Festival this weekend in SANTA CRUZ, CA!!!!


Last year a group of Santa Cruz friends and musicians concocted the crazy idea of organizing their very own music  festival. They filled the line up with their own bands, assumed all planning responsibilities, and successful created the DO IT OURSELVES FESTIVAL up in the Santa Cruz mountains at Camp Krem. Check out the festival […]

“A Performance Review” for Kiwi Time, Dangermaker and the Y-Axes 4/10/14@Brick&Mortar


Before we get rolling I’d be remiss if I didn’t use this opportunity to thank The Ultimate Warrior. I don’t know if this comes through or not in my writing/to those who don’t know me personally, but why I put such a high price on live performance comes from my love of pro wrestling… These […]

“A Studio Review” Tiny Telephone 4.3.14


Coming off a community meet up held on Tuesday evening at The Chapel to discuss the dire situation of SF’s “dying” music scene… I felt there was a sense nobody believes the scene is dead. (how could it be when there was a filled up chapel for a community discussion) However nobody is going to […]

Kendra McKinley Tours Tiny Telephone

Kendra McKinley

I’ve heard tales from a number of musicians of an epic recording studio in the heart of the Mission district; A place where inspiration is high and the analog recording arts are still celebrated. Today, joined by a crew of devoted Balanced Breakfast representatives, I was granted the opportunity to explore the recording paradise known as Tiny Telephone with a tour from the owner, John Vanderslice.

John guided us through the studio decorated with multi-colored wood panels, meticulously placed portraits, and an assortment of unique lighting fixtures (one of which was a sousaphone with light bulbs dangling from the bell!) as we all stared wide-eyed at the incredible scene. We were like a crew of children wandering through WIlly Wonka’s Chocolate factory only the sweets were substituted by vintage keyboards, guitars, and drums which John kindly allowed us to play and salivate over.

He explained the functions of each piece of recording equipment, even taking pieces apart to show us how meticulously they were assembled. The number of buttons and knobs was overwhelming, but John’s patient explanation ignited tremendous curiosity and a dream to one day return and further explore all of the incredible machines.

Finishing our tour I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the beautiful studio. Every square inch of the building reflects how deeply John and his team of engineers care about providing a meaningful recording experience for their clients and I think anyone fortunate enough to visit and/or record should seize the opportunity! Thanks John!

“A Performance Review” for Coldair and Bear Lincoln 3/27/14@Hotel Utah

Bear Lincoln

Round 2, coming for you, the reader/avid music fan you are! Folks thanks to the “smashing success” of the first “a.P.r.” we are going to keep the proverbial ball rolling… This review takes us to the wonderful and classic setting of The Hotel Utah. There certainly is something special about this place, and if you’ve […]

A Performance Review from 3/25/14 @Bottom.of.the.Hill


Here it is folks! For all you fine people that read I Heart SF Bands/SF Intercom, this is the debut edition of what I, Cadet Edac, am going to be calling “A Performance Review”. (I know, what an off the wall title right?)



If you are looking for a beginner guitar teacher, then I may be just the teacher for you! My name is Nik, and I have been playing guitar for 15 years. I have been playing live and in professional settings for 10 years, and have been teaching for coming on 3 years now. I have […]

Finish Ticket EP Release

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This Friday our good friends Finish Ticket are releasing a brand new album! Nik has been asked to open the show with a special solo set! Also featured will be the amazing Ghost and The City and Holychild. Nik plays at 8:30 sharp, so be sure to get there early. Due to the line up […]

Holly Stell

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Music Produced at Trinity Gold Media Studios. I had the honor and pleasure of communicating with Holly Stell. A Vacaville artist who at a young age started singing and continues to follow her dreams in the music industry. Q&A with Holly Stell: Maggie Guevara [MG]: When did you start singing? Holly Stell [HS]: Age 3. […]

Artist Bio+ Single Release: Red Dove

Black and Grey

Artist Red Dove releases his single ‘One More Time’ AND is working on his EP release! By: Maggie Guevara                                 Photo by: Al Gonzalez Here’s his single! Red Dove-’One More Time’:  Website:   Here’s a little background about the […]


Picture 26

Article by: Stefan – SF Intercom I love getting photos of drummers… but sitting in the dark 10 feet behind the lead singer makes getting a good shot really hard!!! A couple months ago I purchased a GoPro camera to capture my notes at SF MusicTech. My friends made fun of me for using an HD […]


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Article by: Stefan – SF Intercom The boys have been jeering each other to “DO SOMETHING CRAZY, DO SOMETHING CRAZY!” This is just 1 of many silly things we’ve been doing. After sitting in a van for 10 hours… the creative juices have had hours to brew… thus when we enter your restraunt… boys will be […]

Q&A with Over The Falls!


By: Maggie Guevara [MAGGIE_ GUEVARA]:   “Tell me the story of how OVER THE FALLS came to be! Were you guys all friends before you formed the band? Did you all grow up together?”] [Bret Fontaine _ Guitar, Vocals]: “Actually, we’re all from different parts of Nor Cal. I moved up to Santa Rosa in 2001 and […]

From Indie to Majors & Back Again: Two Local musicians go from Major Deals to Self Release & Keep the Fire Alive


It’s every young aspiring musicians dream to get signed to a major label and make records for the rest of their life–at least it used to be. However most will never get there. People give up hope, they get beaten down by the music business, their songs or haircut don’t fit the times, no one […]



By: Maggie Guevara Earth Snake prepares to release its newest album, The Knowing Experiment, on January 13th, 2012. The sounds of Earth Snake are progressive and in your face.  The mastermind behind all of the music is one person named Ed Stanley.  All of the instruments in his music are written and performed by him. Some of his songs […]

TO-DO 12/5/11


Article by: Stefan – SF Intercom Writing these notes has been a great way to keep me accountable. The other day I actually had somebody ask me if I accomplished all my goals. (luckily I had!) Today I didn’t feel like getting out of bed, considered not showering, and probably would have worn soccer shorts all […]

TO-DO 12/2/11


Article by: Stefan – SF Intercom I’ve decided I need to start a to-do list every day. It is a good survival habit and it helps me accomplish my chores. You should do the same! Because my to-do list touches on some design I’m doing for some epic musicians imma share it with you.

Live 105 Music Workshop – 330 Ritch St

Picture 106

Last Wednesday night, Live 105 in conjunction with the SAE held the annual music workshop at 330 Ritch St in SOMA. Live 105’s Music Director, Aaron Axelsen opened the floor up to a two-hour Q&A with a panel of local music industry panelists to discuss crucial topics pertaining to artist and career development. PANELIST INCLUDED: […]


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by: NIKOLAUS BARTUNEK New Video Diary! What have we been up to you ask? Here is a little video put together by our drummer Daniel to give a glimpse of the craziness that has ensued. Enjoy!

BOOKS ON TAPE: Hella Good!


by Sierra Frost When I met Adam Dishart, I was 19 years old and he looked a lot like Robert Smith. At the time, Adam was playing in Bay Area band, The Chatholic Comb, living in Concord, and more specifically, freaking out on the balcony while a hand-full of young adults danced emphatically to the […]

B and Not B (San Francisco)

B and not B

These five young gentlemen from San Francisco sure aim to please. They represent a bona fide artistic collective: hustlers, schemers, programmers, songwriters, and showmen. A nerdy supergroup? A group of supernerds? As you like, but these deep thinking DORKS strike with sharpened pencils like Paul McCartney ninjas — scotch-taping pages from everyone’s favorite coloring books together […]

Welcome to the New Year


Here are some kick ass Bay Area albums that came out in 2010: Sean Hayes - Run Wolves Run (LP) Bird by Bird – The Albatross EP Picture Atlantic – When Everything is Numbers (EP), Dulce et Decorum Est (EP) Finish Ticket – Shake a Symphony (EP) Camaron Ochs – Heart Forward (LP) Buckeye Knoll – […]

A little something for the Holidays


This Holiday season there’s a lot to be disgruntled about: an economy in the tank, Dizzy Balloon taking their final bow and worst of all, sweaters. On the flip side however there is plenty to be thankful for: friends, family and well sweaters. Wherever you stand on the Holiday cheer/scrooge spectrum I wanted to give […]