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Dear my lovely, beautiful, smart and charming readers, I apologize for being a hot mess and not getting your bi-monthly top ten to you bi-monthly. The reason being- I am a hot mess. Maybe not even a hot mess, just a regular mess. Regardless of what kind of mess I am, I am sorry. I have some great stuff on the list this time around, so hopefully that will make up for it!


10. Weird Cat Video

I love cats, but I wouldn’t say I love them any more than dogs or other animals. HOWEVER, I have come to terms with the fact that in about 50 years (when I will be  about 70), I WILL be the crazy cat lady on the block. I’m not sure how many cats I will have (probably over 30), but I’m sure I will love them very much and it is entirely possible that they will be my only friends.

Check out this video in support of Cats!

Cats WIN!


I made a joke to this kid that I would include him in this top ten- SO I DID.

WHAT a winner.


I love it when people pay homage to indie rock greats by getting tattoos! How Fun!

Death Cab For Cutie Tattoo

Neutral Milk Hotel Tat

Decemberists Ink

Avett Brothers Tattoo

…maybe I will get Zen Zenith’s face tattoo’d on my face…NAH, too scary.

7. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is one of the smartest women in show business. She came from a huge family with NO money and became one of the biggest stars in country music. She rose up from the flames like a PHEONIX. She’s a GENIUS! She’s got some great tunes, great movies and her own theme park is Tennessee! OH I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH!

Dolly singing Down from Dover-GREAT song

Dolly Answers Fan’s Questions- HI-larious

There’s a rumor that JACK WHITE wants to produce her next album, HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE?

6. Girl Named T

There’s a Girl Named T that is playing some pretty hot shows round the bay. Go see her when you can!

Fri 4/9 – Duboce Park Cafe (SF). 7pm, FREE, all ages. Hosted by Mr. Andrew. 501 Dolores St
Sun 4/25 – The Brainwash Cafe (SF). 6pm, FREE, all ages! 1122 Folsom St (at 7th St). W/ Art Elliot.
Sat 5/8 – Girl Named T w/ Full Band (SF)9pm. Kaleidoscope Free Speech Zone. Also playing: The Adam Balbo Band! 3109 24th St @ Folsom. More TBA
Sat 6/5 – Benefit for Project I Am (SF). To support the Gay Straight Alliance Network (SF). 8pm, 2501 Mission St 94110. More information can be found here:

Check out her website!

5.Sprinkle’s Cupcakes


Stanford Mall, Palo Alto

4.Bands doing covers!

Pretty self explanatory-watch videos

Weezer covers MGMT and Lady GaGa

Florence and the Machine covers Beyonce’s Halo

Noisettes cover The Killers

The Killers cover Bright Eyes

Conor Oberst covers Ghostbusters (Ben Kweller dancing in the background)

Antony & the Johnsons cover Beyonce’s Crazy in Love

Ben Gibbard covers Avril Lavigne

Macy Gray covers Arcade Fire


Take the lead singer from The Matches and the lead singer from the Australian band Something With Numbers, give them their own youtube channel and you get Maniac. Like my post #4, Maniac covers a lot of popular songs, BUT THEY MAKE THEM SOUND GREAT! I’m looking foreword to their original song “Die Rad” that will be coming out soon. Gotta spread the gospel of Maniac!

Check out their youtube channel ASAP!


I am so thankful for the spring to be here! I live in Western Massachusetts a good chunk of my time and boy was it cold winter there, BUT NOW IT’S SPRING! WOOT WOOT! I’m gonna go tiptoe through the tulips or something… my goodness I am so happy.

1. Tacos!

I used to be such a burrito person, I mean burritos are a great concept. A whole tasty meal conveniently placed inside of tortilla wrap. But recently I’ve started ordering tacos. Now here’s why tacos are great… you can see the beauty of what’s inside of your burrito. It’s all right there! You are no longer blind to the genius of what is going into your stomach. If you get anything out of reading this blog post today, I really hope it is that- YOU OWE YOURSELF A TACO. Taco’s are really TASTY and good people deserve them, and because you read my blog post, you are a good person. So, go out there and get some tacos, YOU DESERVE IT.

This top ten has been created by Johanna, a connoisseur of tacos, cupcakes, youtube videos, and tip-toeing through the tulips.

Bi-Monthly Top Ten


10. SWEATERS! – What do most Californians do to protect themselves from the cold in the winter? They wear hooded sweatshirts, or “hoodies”. HOW BORING. The world outside of California has discovered a magical garment called the “sweater”. They are warm, cozy and can be very expressive of one’s personality. There are whole websites dedicated to the artistry of sweaters, for example Leslie Hall’s online museum of Gem sweaters (

There is a world outside of hoodies, and it is beautiful.

Check out this overpriced Top Shop sweater! Its great.

9. Telling People that Bill Cosby is NOT dead– Over the past week, an internet rumor surfaced that Bill Cosby died. For a good day or so I saw many “RIP Bill Cosby” and even one “RIP Bill Crosby”, facebook statuses and was very sad. But guess what?! HE’s NOT DEAD! YAY! Continue reading “Bi-Monthly Top Ten”