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Get To Know Beautiful Machines


I just listened to the 2014 release Diconnect::Reconnect from start to finish twice. The first time I simply lost myself. The second time I became mesmerized by the intricacies of their artistic flight. Don’t waste your time getting a sense of this band on your cell phone speakers or you will miss all the nuances and […]

Get To Know: Bear Lincoln


Last week Balanced Breakfast proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that local (Bay Area) music, based on a community that supports SHOWS is alive and well… This week Balanced Breakfast does it again as four bands will take the stage to showcase what the Bay Area has to offer in the way of up and coming acts. […]

Get to know: Dangermaker (playing Neck of The Woods 9/11)


Big, anthemic, textured rock is the name of the game, and Dangermaker play it EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. Light the Dark – EP I by DΛNGERMΛKER   Their hooky blend of dark eerie rock and sing-along pop makes their recordings shine above so many of the other bands occupying space in the world catchy and accessible rock’n’roll. But […]

Friends W/O Benefits – “Going To Town On The City”

Friends without Benefits

Ba ba da na na na, ba ba da da na na… “We’re gooooiiinnggg doooowwwwnnn…” I have the distinct pleasure of sharing Friends W/O Benefits’ new single “Going To Town On The City.” Stream it over at Planet Stereo Live here. Trading wisecracks, Toy-Machine references, covers, and originals, all while making you dance and move […]

NNMF 2014 – Go To a Festival


article and photo by: Stefan - SF Intercom The best part about overnight festivals is that you don’t have to go home for 3 days … and everybody wants their photo taken. OH YEAH! And there is music … here are some of the DJ’s with music I heard & liked at NNMFestival. If you heard something you liked, […]

A Tea Party at NNMF 2014


article and photo by: Stefan - SF Intercom If you thought festivals were just about the music … you’re wrong!!! Sunday afternoon I decided I would go on a photo scavenger hunt to see what NNMF had to offer in addition to music. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find a Mad Hatter Tea Party … once I found […]

Thursday 7/31 – Not Sure. Not Yet (EP Release) Tremor Low, Old Monk, Mitch Manchild at MILK BAR


  This week Not Sure. Not Yet is releasing their new EP at the Haight’s exquisite Milk Bar. Mixing a breezy rock sound with new wave and synth tones, NS.NY fully intend to deliver an awesome show for your Thursday night. And at $8 that’s a great value! I’ve eaten underwhelming sandwiches that cost more […]

My First Overnight festival – NNMF 2014


I’ve done concerts & I’ve done camping … but on the way to Northern Nights Music Festival 2014 I realized I’ve never done an overnight festival.

Northern Nights Music Festival 2014


I almost didn’t make it to NNMF 2014 … but as I was giving up Tucker Gumber messaged me and said “You’re coming with me!”

“A Performance Review” for the week of 7/7/14-7/13/14


You know its going to be a great week, when EVERY DAY there is an event that you should attend. Last week was an amazing week to be in the greater San Francisco area for music. Lets start on Monday at Amoeba… there was a Cloud Nothings set that felt more like a living room […]

ULUV SF Music Day

Jenna Lavoie

article and photo by: Stefan Aronsen ULUV comes on to the SF music scene with a “Boom!!! Shake-shake-shake the room!!! Tic-tic-tic-tic boom!!!” On Saturday ULUV hosted hundreds of musicians on approximately 20 stages across SF. Many of my friends were playing and I had intended to see them all … but I fell in love with what […]

Melvoy – San Franfrisco | Irrelevant Elephants – June 28th at Amnesia


San Diego native Melvoy now calls San Francisco his home, and it sounds like the Bay Area is happy to have him. Melvoy (real name Emmanuel Castro – perfect) records high energy, brazen millennial surf-rock with just enough attitude to keep you on your toes. The full Melvoy solo album is released later this summer, but the track San Franfrisco (a catchy spooky […]

Show Photo: Nathaniel Rateliff at The Chapel 05.20.14


I know he’s not an SF band, but gravelly voiced Nathaniel Rateliff caught me by surprise with some chilling lyrics and epic crescendos. He was at The Chapel performing and promoting his new album “Falling Faster Than You Can Run”.  Band Biography: The first things you notice are the voice and the space. That voice belongs to Nathaniel […]

This Fine Life: Whiskerman’s Bad News EP [Review] and 5/31 at Great American Music Hall

Whiskerman - Bad News Cover

  Two and a half minutes into the title track, you can tell that SF Bay Area’s Whiskerman has figured it out. You know, like the musical equivalent of the ‘nail on the head.’ That perfect blend of catchy and unique, an accessible but eye-opening style, a lot of talent and excellent songwriting.     Bad […]

Behind the Mynd Episode VI: Egg~Mars~Ford~Stars

Behind The Mynd

In Episode Vi Thunderegg helps us open the show. He is amazing as always, such a knowledgeably hilarious human he is. Later on, Aaron Ford joins us to showcase some of his music, a look into his creative process, writing in a Mexican hotel rooms’ closet, and how our eyebrows show our astrological signs. A wonderful event over all!




Known for his work with Riptide Open Mic David and his working as a musician, David is branching out his endeavors in to radio. I had the pleasure of having him on my show a handful of times before he branched out and started his own show. I’m proud of my little Padawan.

David is going to start posting his podcast here on and I’m super excited to listen to his podcast each week. Below I’ve attached some links to his other projects.

Rdio Playlist of SF Bands


I’m researching playlists to see who has the best one.

I’m looking around at playlists to see who has the best embeddable player. Do you have a favorite? I’d love to know which service it is. Any suggestions greatly appreciated … this will be a great way to get the exact player you have always wanted. OR ALMOST! HA!

DeliRadio Playlist of SF Bands


I recently got hired as the Art Director at DeliRadio. DeliRadio makes playlists based on the bands that are coming in to town. Attached is a quick playlist of a few of the bands I “heart” from SF and the Bay. Check out my playlist, and check out DeliRadio. If you’re a band you’ll love […]

Spotify Playlist for MUTINY RADIO


I’m doing a radio show every Sunday from 6-8PM This Sunday from 6pm – 8pm I will be DJing at Mutiny Radio. Listen in to hear music from tons of local sf and bay area bands. Listen Live from 6pm – 8pm: You can call in your requests: 415-550-0511 Also if you’re local, come hang […]

Whiskerman and Con Brio at Cafe Du Nord

Du Nord 7-12_42



The Most Interesting Band in The World “POP ROCKS” is made up of 5 very talented guys. On their own they are all great musicians and some have had some well known success. But when they get together they form “POP ROCKS” a high energy rock and dance band. They have been together for over 10 […]



I get bored super easy! So when I saw that Before The Brave was finally going on tour I told them “I want in!”

I’m not going to Lie … I may have begged a bit. It’s possible I may have been telling Jason Perry Stevens for months, “the second you go on tour … I want in!” I told him I would be his back up dancer, pr pro, merch babe, pack mule, anything the band needed.

Holly Stell

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 4.36.47 PM

Music Produced at Trinity Gold Media Studios. I had the honor and pleasure of communicating with Holly Stell. A Vacaville artist who at a young age started singing and continues to follow her dreams in the music industry. Q&A with Holly Stell: Maggie Guevara [MG]: When did you start singing? Holly Stell [HS]: Age 3. […]



Article by: Stefan – SF Intercom Noise Pop starts this week … I hope to see you out at a show!!! There are five free happy hour shows. I am going to see them all, however I know some of you aren’t willing to commit that much of your week to music. Thus you will likely […]