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Episode 57: St. Luke’s Troop


What A Beautiful Broadcast! Jules Mayhem, Alan Monasch, Gentry Bronson, and Jeff Dodge cram their way into the studio to bring us good news for musicians and attentive audience members alike.  They announce the re-opening of the music program at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, including a monthly open mic! As musicians, we need more venues […]

Ghost Tiger is Coming! Ghost Tiger is Coming!

Ghost Tiger, Photo by: Arna Bajraktarevic

Ghost Tiger is as hip as their hometown, beautiful and relaxed Santa Barbara, where the surf is up and the sun is out. It’s the sort of music that alternates between moving you and getting you moving within the first 10 seconds. Accessible & repetitive bass and drum mixes with top-brained treble that comes at […]

Pulse Music SF Rawks the House


To simply say, “I had a really great time,” doesn’t quite cut it. It was more than that. The air was electric, the music was ridiculously on point, and the vibe gave the sense of nostalgia for a place I wished I’d been. The kind of atmosphere that Pulse Music SF creates makes you want […]

Behind The Mynd of Peter Feliciano!


    Peter Feliciano is a force to be reckoned with… Peter joined me on a rainy rainy day in the San Francisco Bay. He is  a local singer/songwriter that has an ability to create that hair raising/tingle up your spine. He is a hilarious and honest human individual and I had an amazing time […]

When There’s A Will, There’s A Way José

Way José

Way José sounds equally familiar and strange. An eclectic mix of the past, it melds motifs from 60s folk, R&B, funk, and shamanistic world music. Each song is different. One’s subdued, yet still intense and introspective, another more funky and grooving. Way José is the solo recording project of the producer/multi-instrumentalist Daniel DeMento (also of Feather-Bright), who describes the […]

Behind The Mynd ft. Avi Vinocur & John Elliott


Episode 53: Oh. My. Word.   We kick off strongly, John Elliot ( ) hops on the mic with the great Avi Vinocur ( as we explore more current topics including the Eric Garner case (, police power abuse, William Cosby ( We recieved calls from all over the United States and had just a grand old time! […]

Battlehooch – Carry Me Upstream and WINK Release Show

Battlehooch wink EP

SF musical machinists Battlehooch are back with three new singles and a spankin’ EP.       WINK is weird, wonderful, and positively out there. Get lost on their Soundcloud page – and join them tonight as they celebrate the release of Wink with Down Dirty Shake (who are ALSO releasing an album tonight) and new stupergroup Kokomo […]

Behind The Mynd of Eamon Armstrong


Episode 52 was like spelunking the caverns of someone’s soul… On this broadcast, we dive into one of my greatest friends here in the Bay Area.  Eamon  is an amazing human, a world traveler, an author, poet, musician, a minister of Purpleganda, a psychonaut, and a festival guru.  Follow Eamon and I as we flow […]

Behind The Mynd of Beth Marlin!


  Today’s broadcast is a doozey! Beth Marlin has lived many lives in her time on this planet, and it was my pleasure to delve into those lives. From model, to punk goddess, to child music making machine, to solo artist, and everything in between, Beth brings such a beauty to the microphone. It is […]

Turn down your lights and turn up your headphones…


The new single from PC Munoz, “Big Winner” is all the stimulation you are going to need for the next 2:14. Artsy industrial techno pop that will make any Prince fan groove. Deep bass and groovy quirk lays the bed for this inventive track that leaves you hungry for more. Luckily, it’s easy enough to […]

Behind The Mynd celebrates Shaun Lamar! Also the introduction of LongPlaya…


One of my favorite broadcasts to date was the introduction of my very first Comedian/Musician named Shaun Lamar. If you are familiar with MutinyRadio programming, then you’ll notice Shaun proliferated throughout the broadcast schedule. He hosts his own show called Don’t Talk Black as well as SFDope and Strange Fruit: Hangin’ with Shaun Lamar. This […]

Episode 50: Palladino

pal oh

Oh how fun, this broadcast! Palladino, a duo from the UK join the Mynd and we have such a time. The two, Rowie and Fin, are just so wonderful and we kick it off strongly right from the get go.  The amazing guitar skills of the Fin, coupled with a powerful singing structure provide by […]

The Matches and Fortress Social Club – Tuesday / Wednesday Double Header at Leo’s in Oakland


I’ll be the first to admit it when I don’t know a band I’m “supposed” to know. So instead of nodding and saying uh-uh, I’ll be honest: I didn’t know who The Matches were until very recently.   But when I heard that the well-adored bay area powerhouse pop/punk band was getting together for a 10 year […]

“KC TurnEgg” on Behind The Mynd


Local promoter legend and all around wonderful human presence Mr. KC Turner joins the broadcast! KC holds a special spot in my heart, meeting me on the “open Mic host” level. I knew almost nothing about his personal life, and in full Behind the Mynd fashion, we dive in. KC can be found digitally at […]

A Very Balanced Halloween Show – TONIGHT Thursday October 30th at El Rio

Bear Lincoln Thriller SF

  If you ever wanted to see a show that spanned forty years of recorded music and dropped you off squarely in 1999, we’ll today’s your lucky day. Rather, I should say tonight’s your lucky night. Because at San Francisco’s El Rio, a one-off Halloween cover show spook-tacular is going down. Bear Lincoln performs Michael […]

Dangermaker Video Premire – “Something More”


If you haven’t heard of Dangermaker by now, than you haven’t been reading I Heart SF Bands, and probably haven’t been clued in to what Balanced Breakfast is …yet! (This isn’t a dig at you, mind you, more of an acknowledgment that I’ve written about them before. In short, Dangermaker is a fancy/dancy/poppy four piece […]

The Annibirthary Celebroadcast!


It’s been one year of broadcasting for Behind the Mynd! So in the spirit of celebration, and the advent of my physical body’s birthday the day before, we decided to do a HUGE exhibition of the local talent that have graced the airwaves of the Mynd since the beginning of last October. Musicians, Comedians, Beautiful […]

Get to know: D. Edward “Love Is”


Photo credit: Jared Swanson ONE FOR THE MONEY Bay Area Con Funk Shun percussionist D. Edward strikes gold with his new baby-making-music full length album “Love Is“. An active member of Balanced Breakfast San Francisco and East Bay, he debuted as a frontman with his first release “Little Red Box” in 2011 but has been making major waves in the northern […]

BATTLEHOOCH opens for of Montreal


It started with Waters opening for Weezer and it happened again the other night when BATTLEHOOCH opened for of Montreal.
I started listening to of Montreal in 2000. I thought they were a pretty big deal then and I still consider them to be one of my more favorite bands today! Thus when I discovered that BATTLEHOOCH was playing a show with them … I knew I had to be there. My BATTLEHOOCH friends were the icing on an already good cake, and I wasn’t about to miss my piece! It’s an amazing feeling when a young band filled with your friends is suddenly playing with a huge world famous bands. It’s like your little boys are growing up.

Maybe you’ve noticed this … but I feel like a lot of the bands I started falling in 2009 have recently come in to their own. Suddenly the bands that I used to see on a monthly basis at some small venue in The Bay are touring places farther & farther from home. In addition many of them are opening for a huge acts instead of headlining for smaller acts. It’s a super interesting food chain … you’re the biggest animal in your city … then you become the smallest beast in a large world circuit.

Haunted Summer Residency at Amnesia


Jason Kick was running the sound last night at Amnesia, he asked Bridgette Moody, the lead singer of Haunted Summer if she was ready. Her response was simple, “where is my beer?” She looks around, sees it on the piano next to me. “Can you hand me that?” I did. “Now I’m ready.” She took her gum out of her mouth and stuck it to the top of her Korg, then with the help of her band proceeded to give the stage and the rest of Amnesia all hell.

Sondre Lerche in San Francisco


Last month I got to talk to Sondre Lerche on the Phone about his tour and his show in San Francisco. IT WAS AWESOME!

Get to know: RZN8R


Combining elements of trip-hop and R&B with slick contemporary dance music, Oakland-born Derek Buckwalter (aka RZN8R) kicked off what was certainly the most eclectic line-up in town last Thursday night at the Balanced Breakfast Residency.   With a little sneak of R. Kelly’s Ignition (remix) alongside atmospheric &  interplanetary electronics, RZN8R recalled Tricky, DJ Shadow, and something else entirely […]

Get to know: Martin Luther McCoy


I’ve worked with hundreds of local artists over the years, classically I geek out over no one, but I geek out over him. I still can’t believe I finally got to see him live!!! Other than the fact that he sings like an angel sliding down a rainbow and come Thursday night you could have found me at Neck of The Woods sipping drinks & grooving like an underage teeny bopper … I have nothing else to say.

Get To Know Beautiful Machines


I just listened to the 2014 release Diconnect::Reconnect from start to finish twice. The first time I simply lost myself. The second time I became mesmerized by the intricacies of their artistic flight. Don’t waste your time getting a sense of this band on your cell phone speakers or you will miss all the nuances and […]