Nathaniel Rateliff Played a Sold Out Show at The Chapel


It was shoulder to shoulder at The Chapel on Wednesday night. The crowd was filled with fans eager to see Nathaniel Rateliff from Denver, Colorado.

I had never seen Nathaniel Rateliff in concert before his show at The Chapel on the 9th. I wanted to catch this show based on hearing amazing praise from local singer songwriter, Travis Hayes, who had opened for him when the band toured through San Francisco a couple months ago.

Upon arrival at The Chapel, I hugged my friend and Chapel security guard Cade. He warned me about the crowd and advised me to use the side entrance if I wanted to snag any photos. I progressed through the Vestry to the side entrance, when I swung open the door it revealed a very sweaty pack of fans. There was barely room to move my groove shaker but I did my best. The Rock & Roll music of Nathaniel Ratelifft is a lot of fun to dance to. It feels inspired by the Blues Brothers, Jackson 5 and various other 50’s pop artists. After a bit of dancing I suddenly got very tired and decided to peace out … but not before hugging Travis Hayes, who I spotted in the hallway and high fiving my friend Ted Maider, skateboard legend in his own. When I finally got home, I passed out hard.

It was a good night!

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Posted by Nathaniel Rateliff on Friday, August 21, 2015


Stefan Aronsen
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Stefan Aronsen
Stefan Aronsen