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I’ve heard tales from a number of musicians of an epic recording studio in the heart of the Mission district; A place where inspiration is high and the analog recording arts are still celebrated.

Today, joined by a crew of devoted Balanced Breakfast representatives, I was granted the opportunity to explore the recording paradise known as Tiny Telephone with a tour from the owner, John Vanderslice.

John guided us through the studio decorated with multi-colored wood panels, meticulously placed portraits, and an assortment of unique lighting fixtures (one of which was a sousaphone with light bulbs dangling from the bell!) as we all stared wide-eyed at the incredible scene. We were like a crew of children wandering through WIlly Wonka’s Chocolate factory only the sweets were substituted by vintage keyboards, guitars, and drums which John kindly allowed us to play and salivate over.

He explained the functions of each piece of recording equipment, even taking pieces apart to show us how meticulously they were assembled. The number of buttons and knobs was overwhelming, but John’s patient explanation ignited tremendous curiosity and a dream to one day return and further explore all of the incredible machines.

Finishing our tour I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the beautiful studio. Every square inch of the building reflects how deeply John and his team of engineers care about providing a meaningful recording experience for their clients and I think anyone fortunate enough to visit and/or record should seize the opportunity!

Thanks John!

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Tiny Telephone

Address: 1458 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

Phone: (415) 334-1970

Kendra McKinley

Kendra McKinley

Kendra received her Bachelor of Arts in Music at the university, specializing in classical guitar. The rigorous program sharpened Kendra’s already naturally developed ear, provided her extensive musicianship tools, expanded her vocabulary and deepened her understanding of music. It was during this time that she began exploring the piano as a second instrument.
Kendra McKinley
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