Article by: Stefan – SF Intercom

The boys have been jeering each other to “DO SOMETHING CRAZY, DO SOMETHING CRAZY!” This is just 1 of many silly things we’ve been doing.

After sitting in a van for 10 hours… the creative juices have had hours to brew… thus when we enter your restraunt… boys will be boys… We’re going to do gross stuff, laugh and jeer each other to do more dumb stuff! Do we know we’re rediculous? YES! Are we going to stop? No! We’re men… we do what we want!

When you’re on tour… 2bucks feels like a lot of money… plus when guys from I the Mighty use a little peer pressure to get you to do dumb stuf… you’re probably going to do it! This time… Kurt from A Lot Like Birds was at the brunt of this joke!

Right when we thought all the jeering, jesting, joking and shinanigans were over… Roy Dahlinger challenged Chris Hinkley to and Oreo Cookie Freak-Out challenge. Man vs. Man vs. Food!

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– Stefan

Stefan Aronsen
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Stefan Aronsen
Stefan Aronsen