I Heart SF Bands – About this blog!

I heart SF bands.

I really do.

Of course, by saying ‘SF’ I am including not just San Francisco but the East Bay, North Bay, the Peninsula (where I’m from) and even San Jose as well. And by saying ‘Bands’ I’m including not only your typical three-or-more piece rock group but your solo artists and your collaborative groups as well.

Let’s just say that there’s is a lot of music, a lot of bands and a lot of people involved in the music scene around these parts that I really really like.

Which is exactly why this blog isn’t going to be written by just me. This is a collaboration between myself and other people involved in the Bay Area Music scene and it serves three purposes.

1. For people in the music scene to have a space to post their thoughts/vents/what-have-yous outside of the usual venue of their band blog and give them an opportunity to represent themselves

2. To raise awareness and bring further community and cohesion to the local music scene.

3. To give you an opportunity to interact with these people a little more directly and, hopefully, create something fun and engaging for you to read and contribute too!

I’m going to stop there because I think this blog will evolve as more people get involved and I would hate to pigeon hole it so early on. Yes, it’s by musicians but it doesn’t have to be about music. Yes, it’s entrenched in the bay area music scene but that doesn’t mean it has to be off limits to outsiders.

And a little about me: I’m the lead singer, guitarist, singer-songwriter for a Redwood City based indie rock/power-pop band called Please Do Not Fight. But I’m also a huge music fan and an even bigger fan of community. A lot of the people who’re going to be involved in this blog are not only people I respect a ton but are also in local bands who’s music I adore. If you can’t tell, I’m really excited about this project.

My posts here will be weekly at minimum – I hope it ends up being as enjoyable for you to read as it will be for me to write!


Zen Zenith of Please Do Not Fight
Zen has been studying guitar and music theory since 1998. In 2006 Zen graduated from The Musicians Institute's Guitar program in Hollywood, California. He teaches students ages 7 to adult from very beginners to early advanced levels in most any genre of music you can imagine: Funk, hip-hop, rock, jazz, blues, pop, punk, folk and more!
Zen Zenith of Please Do Not Fight
Zen Zenith of Please Do Not Fight

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