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Cure For Gravity’s Paranoia Era Music Video BlackMetal

We’re all on edge right now no matter what side of the political spectrum you hail from. There’s never been a bigger distrust of the powers that be. Oakland Rock band Cure for Gravity‘s timely new music video BlackMetal from their self-titled EP heightens the hypnotic barrage of information we consume as we search for answers on the net. A blue haze coats the short film’s world like the flicker of the computer screen in the dark as a hacker, much like Mr. Robot, works to take down the system.

Live 105 Show Preview: Abbot Kinney, Panic is Perfect, Dangermaker, & Vacances

abbot kinney great american

Looking to catch a night of indie rock super groups from the Bay Area? Then look no further than Next Saturday August 20th’s line up at The Great American Music Hall featuring Abbot Kinney, Panic Is Perfect, Dangermaker, & Vacances. All these artists are going to rock the house but one in particular stood out as an up and coming Bay Area band making waves around the scene.

Abbot Kinney has come a long way since moving from LA to San Francisco. They have grown into their own sound and matured as a group into a indie rock power house filled with raw lyrics and a powerful sound. The evolution has taken some soul searching from lead singer and creative driving force behind the band, Jared Swanson, but it has been amazing to see him and the other members (amazing musicians and creatives in their own rights) become a cohesive unit. Each member brings a unique sound that is a culmination of the other projects they are in.

Abbot Kinney functions almost like a super group of local indie musicians with Jared Swanson as their leader. Tony Bednar (Drums) plays in another band called Crashing Hotels (Dark Electronic Rock). Carmen Caruso (Keyboard/Bass/Vocals) also leads Capybara (Psychedelic Rock). Dakota Salazar is the guitarist for several different acts around the bay from Lords of Sealand (Prog/ Indie Rock) to Capybara (Psychedelic Rock). It is the eclectic backgrounds, influences, and interests that gives Abbot Kinney a unique soul and helps flesh out the creative vision that Jared Swanson (Vocals/ Keys/Bass) is exploring through his music.

If you would like to check out Abbot Kinney’s newest release you can listen to The Night below on sound cloud and make sure to check them out live at Great American Music Hall Saturday August 20th. The doors open at 8 PM and the show starts at 8:30 PM. 

I promise you will not be disappointed.

Calendar Info:

Panic is Perfect, Dangermaker, Abbot Kinney, & Vacances

Date: 8/20/2016

Time: Doors 8 PM / Music 8:30

Location: Great American Music Hall (859 O’Farrell Street,  San Francisco,  CA 94109 US)

Tickets: $15

Buy Tickets Here 

See you all there!

Listen to Abbot Kinney’s latest release The Night:


Your Fearless Leader at The Rickshaw Stop


Your Fearless Leader is aptly named, as their leader Marcus Ghiasi is truly fearless: leading his 7 piece band into a headlining slot at The Rickshaw Stop. They have a genuinely unique sound in the Bay, combining a eclectic lineup of sax, trumpet, violin, keyboard, drums, guitar, and bass. It may sound like the lineup of an up-and-coming ska band, but they are far from it. Their sound is closer to a hard-rockin’ jazz band with anthemic guitar riffs and driving bass line which combine well with Marcus’s distinct vocals.

They have taken their diverse musical backgrounds and truly made a sound that is uniquely them. Your Fearless Leader has a deeply personal nature to them and hold a wide range of topics as opposed to just the usual love and heart break to relationships. They have a catchy quality that draws in the listener and can truly get them into the lyrics of the song.


It was great to see a reprise and reinvention of a song that Marcus originally wrote for GRMMR BCH (Grammar Beach); a band made up of Balanced Breakfast members Marcus Ghiasi (Your Fearless Leader), Alexi Belchere (The Y Axes), Nick Schneider (The Y Axes), Suzanne Yada (Little Spiral), & Fred Hausman (myself). The song evolved into something more than just a one-off project, as it was for GRMMR BCH. The amazing rendition fully realized the potential of the song and truly ushered it into a different realm.

I have never seen a venue so packed on a Tuesday night as the Rickshaw Stop was. Your Fearless Leader closed out an amazing night of music after The Old Grey Whistle Test, Ice Cream, and We Arsons (who was celebrating their EP release). I had not had the pleasure of seeing these artists before. It was great to see a diverse and talented lineup of artists performing on an early weeknight and to see the crowd staying late to support the amazing headliner, Your Fearless Leader.


Colorado Here We Come!

A caravan of local acts is headed to Denver this weekend as part of a San Francisco-specific concert at Underground Music Showcase.


This epic show results from the dream of Joe Markert, lead singer of Cure For Gravity. After two years performing at UMS with snowballing success, the SF-based band imagined they could make this single-act effort into a full-blown celebration of the thriving and diverse Bay Area music scene. Pitching the Denver music festival as SXSW in its earlier days, Markert caught the ear of other local acts looking to get in on the groundfloor of the growing fest.

Featuring over 400 artists, UMS is quickly becoming something of a West by Midwest, and is the biggest independent fest in the Rocky Mountain area. With the help of Prize Fighter Record’s Fred Hausman, Cure For Gravity has collected an eclectic mix of talented Bay Area artists to crack into the festival with a Recording Academy and Balanced Breakfast-sponsored showcase. With chapters of both organizations in Denver and San Francisco, the Recording Academy and Balanced Breakfast are pleased to present this 5 hour showcase of talented and unique acts that show the diverse sounds of the Bay Area.

Cure For Gravity

Cure For Gravity

Featuring acts Beautiful Machines, Cure for Gravity, Unlikely Heroes, D. Edward, and Drea M- the sounds range Alternative Rock to R&B/Soul, to Hip-Hop/Punk, to Live Electronic and everything in between. You can catch their performances at the Skylark Lounge on July 31st from 12 PM – 5 PM followed by a Recording Academy mixer from 5 PM – 8 PM. Along with the climactic gig, the troupe will be making stops in Reno, Salt Lake City, Boulder, and finishing it up with a celebratory return show in San Francisco. Whether you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area or in our sister city of Denver, these musicians aren’t to be missed!

Details for the UMS Bay Area Music Showcase:

Date: Sunday July 31st, 2016
Address: The Skylark Lounge 140 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80209
Admission: Free
Age Limit: 21+
Showcase: 12 PM – 5 PM
Recording Academy Mixer: 5 PM – 8 PM

Details for Artists:


Beautiful Machines is comprised of a diverse group of musicians. Founder, Conrad Schuman is an american songwriter, vocalist, & guitarist who experiments and infuses his pan-music study into his songwriting. Philosophical-leaning, he writes lyrics & music about waking up as a society, reclaiming our power as free & creative beings, & about transcending the current out-of-balance humanity to embrace a more coherent & harmonious future. Having toured Europe, Veil-Matti Matilla is a Finnish DIY drummer and programmer who designs and builds his own unique electronic drum kits & band visuals. Stef Ku is a Taiwan-American classically trained keyboardist, avant-garde soundscapist, & professional sound healer. Beautiful, intricate, technical & euphoric music, an amazing light show, & inspiring live energy makes beautiful Machines a band worth exploring deeply.

Cure For Gravity find comfort in playing to a rare world and it’s listening inhabitants. The trio of Joe Markert, Chris Gamper, & Dave Walcott deliver an entrancing amalgam of atmospheric synth/alt rock that is cinematic in nature. They use a eclectic blend of electronic and live elements to untether you from this world and transport you into the audio landscape of their own design. At times they invoke the Cars or Pink Floyd, but with a fast forward taste of more recent groups like Porcupine Tree, Elbow or Feist.

Unlikely Heroes are a Hip Hop/Punk Rock band from San Francisco, Ca. Fronted by Oakland artist, phenomENON, this eclectic group are synthesizing Hip-Hop and Punk with beats and melody that are fresh, exciting, and long waited for. Boasting with high energy, venue rocking jams, they also find balance with spacey, vibe-y anthems to create a well rounded experience and depth in their art form. These Heroes truly cater to their “more than meets the eye” appeal. Aesthetically, they are a diverse group with a range of cultural and musical backgrounds. Sonically, they are insane Hip-Rockers that can cater to any crowd or venue without losing their Star Power in translation.

dedD. Edward is an award winning Pop/Soul singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist. His music features catchy hooks and grooves with a familiar yet unique modern pop and retro soul sound. He has the ability to sound different on different songs yet keep his own style.
He won the 2016 Indie Music Channel Award for Best R&B Producer and was nominated for a 2015 Hollywood Music in Media Award, Oakland Indie Award and contributed to a Latin Grammy nominated album “Adelante” by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band for Best Children’s Album and he also won the 2014 Oaktown Indie Mayhem People’s Choice Award.
His music videos have been featured on Magic Johnson’s Aspire TV network, MTV.com, CMT.com and SonicCentric TV on Roku. He is currently featured in Shine on Hollywood Magazine and his video “Hold On” is featured on broadcast TV around the USA on the Indie Music Cafe .

dreaDrea. M commands the heart to listen. With soulful grit, haunting vocals, and enchanting live performances (using live vocal looping to build mood and melody), this indie noir songstress entices the listener into a world of lush imagery and unveiled emotion. Reminiscent of Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, and Imogen Heap, her music ranges from multi-instrumental acoustic arrangements to the more recent incorporation of orchestral layers and big-sound beats. While her style is expanding, what continues to drive her music is an atmospheric and intricately textured sound, and a dark-edged honesty about what it means to be vulnerable, powerful, and profoundly alive.

Fear of Men at Swedish American Hall


Last Friday, I had the pleasure of checking out Brighton-based Fear Of Men at the Swedish American Hall in S.F.

After hearing some of their tracks online, I was excited to see them live and to sort out for myself what their music was all about. I also found myself thinking quite a bit about the name: it kind of reminded me of the sign from Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael. “Fear of Men”, I thought, “is that someone being afraid of men, or is it the Fear that men hold in their hearts? OR IS IT ONE AND THE SAME?!” What a trip.

By the time they took the stage, the crowd was relatively packed in. The band began their set with a mysterious musical fragment: something warm and reverberant that sounded all at once strange and familiar. This small offering served as the perfect introduction to their set.

Analytically speaking, most of their chord progressions are in the wheelhouse of the major and minor pentatonic scales. They do not venture very far from this area. So what we are left with is a set that sonically, has a similar theme. Now, with a less creative band, we would have a set of songs that sound entirely the same and verge upon boring. However, due to the creativity and spirit of the band, we can safely say that this is their sound. I liken it to an artist that has a specific palate of colors that they choose from, and their creativity lies in the implementation of these colors as a vehicle for their expression.

On several tunes, lead singer Jess Weiss fills out the orchestration by playing rhythm guitar. However, I was much more enraptured with the tunes where she rested it back upon its stand: draping the microphone chord around her neck, she became enveloped in the music, weaving a cathartic and poetic tapestry over the rhythms and chords. If I had to sum up Fear of Men in one word it would be conviction. Throughout the entireset, the band members swing and sway along with the rhythm of their tracks, creating a wave that carries out into the audience and the hall.


Van Goat Premiere Show at Starline Social Club

Van Goat

Last Friday was a packed night at the backroom at Starline Social Club in Oakland,CA. Van Goat really knows how to throw a party and who to invite. The backroom behind the bar had a great house show vibe with no designated performance area with the exception of a carpet. This really worked well with the punk vibe of the night. If you are looking for animal puns and a rocking good time, then the guys in Van Goat have you covered. Thankfully not much has changed since their moniker change from Bear Lincoln. The lineup is still the same; the members are just playing tighter, faster, and stronger than ever as they have reincarnated themselves as Van Goat.

Van Goat Live

It was Ben Einstein (Keyboards/Pineapple/Vocals) who introduced me to the first incarnation of the band last year. I was instantly hooked with their catchy lyrics, fun puns, and quirky sense of humor. The band was masterfully mixing Swing, Surf, Punk, and Pineapples into a magical concoction.

Along with Ben Einstein, Van Goat includes Aidan Ward (Lead Vocals/Guitar/ Clarinet) a truly great front man with some creative uses for a clarinet. They pair well with Derek Burle (Bass/ Vocals) who plays his funky bass like he is making love to it. Last, but definitely not least, Taylor Moxon (Drums/ Percussion) holds it all together via the drum kits. Each member brings their own personality to the mix, creating an ensemble truly greater than the individual talented musicians involved.

The show was presented by OIM (Oaktown Indie Mayhem) and run by Sarah Sexton. If you haven’t heard of her or OIM, you should definitely check them out. She is one of the greats who helps to keep music thriving in the East Bay. It is great to see them supporting the smaller independent acts as well as helping the music scene grow in the Bay Area.

Failure Machine

Kicking off the night was the 4-piece Failure Machine in from Reno, NV. They were the smallest band to hit the stage during the evening but they easily held their own. They opened with one of the best renditions of “Knock on Wood” I have personally heard. The set continued with popular covers which incorporated their own unique brand of southern garage rock and soul sound.

Johnny Soultrain

Oakland’s own Johnny Soultrain brought the funk and soul with a big band that barely fit in the room. They easily blew away the packed room with their big band sound. If you are looking for some throwback funky soul and blues, Johnny Soultrain will not let you down. They have a full 7-piece band that boomed throughout the small room. The song “Whiskey Bottle” off their EP of the same name is a great blues rendition that really got everyone in the audience swaying.

Van Goat Finally

The grand finale of the night, Van Goat’s reveal to the world, was everything anyone could want from their “first show.” It was raucous, wild, and amazing. The room was packed from the carpet to the back wall with fans dancing and getting down to their unique brand of music. Van Goat played some of their new songs including their brand new single “So.” It was great to finally hear them live for the first time and the crowd was really feeling the reincarnated vibe. They also played some fan favorites from their days as Bear Lincoln. The crowd went wild over their “Willie the Weeper & Minnie the Moocher.” They truly know how to breathe new life into an old jazz standard. They ended the night by bringing all of the horn players back up on stage before they waded into the crowd for a massive dance party.

Links to check out all the bands, venue, and Organization mentioned in this post:

Van Goat – http://www.vangoatband.com/

Johnny Soultrain – https://johnnysoultrain.com/

Failure Machine – https://failuremachine.bandcamp.com/

OIM – http://oaktownindiemayhem.com/

Starline Social Club – http://www.starlinesocialclub.com/

Eliot Sumner at Slim’s

Eliot Sumner at Slim’s, SF. Photo by Ella Cooley.

In a musical landscape over-saturated with glamour and ego, Eliot Sumner is an honest breath of fresh air. You may have heard of her famous parents (look it up, if you must) but Sumner’s talent is so undeniable that no connection made to these two is necessary; she is a force all her own. The 25-year-old from the U.K has a no-fuss aesthetic that is both sonic and visual, which was perfectly executed at Slim’s on June 23rd. The show was the last of 20 in a North American tour to promote her debut album Information, an impressive 12-track record released in January.

The night began with a set from Cheerleader, a self-described “indie haze-pop quintet from Philadelphia”. What the heck haze-pop is, I don’t know. But somehow it is the most apt description of this band’s sound— lush, mostly-upbeat, and slightly tongue-in-cheek (I especially appreciated the lyric “everyone’s wearing skin”). Their compositions incorporate a lot of vocal layers, and these guys are expert at nailing a harmony.

Paul Impellizeri (forefront) and Joe Haller of Cheerleader at Slim’s, SF. Photo by Ella Cooley.

After a short intermission, the lighting shifted and the mood darkened as the second band took their place onstage. Eliot Sumner set her Pacifico down in front and the group launched right into the first track from Information, ‘Dead Arms & Dead Legs’. Immediately, all of the pieces fell into place— the drums were in the pocket, Sumner’s bass locked in, the synth and guitar created a strange and beautiful ambiance, and her unique alto tone sat on top, steering the ship. We were taken the to mysterious sonic land of Sumner, where industrial meets ethereal and synth patches have no name.

It’s not every day that you encounter a musical artist whose stage presence is as impressive as Eliot Sumner’s. She didn’t have to say much— though everything she did say was punctuated with an exclamation point, an especially rousing move for a crowd of under 200— and we all automatically leaned in. It’s clear that her performance instinct is just as strong as her musical one. The songs are amazing, but the pairing with her physical presence is magnetic. As the band worked its way through Information, the energy in the audience was tangible— a fan even bought Sumner another Pacifico half-way through her set, to replace the one she had finished onstage. If that’s not audience engagement, then I don’t know what is.

Eliot Sumner at Slim’s, SF. Photo by Ella Cooley.

Having listened through the album a few times prior, I went into the show curious to see how these sounds would translate live. Information is a concoction of driving beats, 80s synth references, and deep, strong vocal melodies. It’s a powerful record. The live performance, I feared, might not hit the sweet spot as well as the recorded album. But Sumner and her band are as professional as they are artistic, and their performance of the material was completely en pointe. Personally I might have liked to hear more divergence from the recorded tunes, as the musicianship of these guys is so killer, but who can really complain when the live band sounds just as good as the album? They did include one very tasteful cover in their set however, a tune called “All My Hate in My Hexes Are For You” by Crocodiles, and so I got my fix.

Eliot Sumner is a musician’s musician. She can read her crowd, guide her crowd, and thrill her crowd. She delivered a brilliant record and translated those ideas perfectly to the stage. She’s not just passing through, she’s just getting started.

Radiohead’s Kid A at The Independent – An UnderCover Tribute


If you haven’t been to an UnderCover presents show … I challenge you to attend their Radiohead tribute this weekend. With 75+ artist from 10 Bay Area bands gathered to honor Radiohead’s Kid A album, how can you say no?

Witness interpretations that range between Latin Hip-Hop, Beat-Boxing, Flamenco, and 7 other genres. This is an encore to their 3 night sold-out SF run in 2013.

Three Nights (Same show each night)
Friday-Sunday, June 3-5
Times: Doors 7:30 PM, Show 8 PM

10 Bands (one song per band)
1) Everything In Its Right Place – Disappear Incompletely + Brass Magic [ElectroJazz]
2) Kid A – Gamelan X [Gamelan / Bali / World Fusion]
3) The National Anthem – Meernaa [Neo Soul Prog Rock]
4) How to Disappear Completely – Elizabeth Setzer & La Tania Baile Flamenco [Flamenco]
5) Treefingers – Gojogo [Indian Classical / World Ambient]
6) Optimistic – Bang Data [Hip Hop / Cumbia / Rock / Urban Latino]
7) In Limbo – BATTLEHOOCH [Shape-shifting Orchestral Rock]
8) Idioteque – Kid Beyond / Classical Revolution / L.L. Aspect [Strings & Beats]
9) Morning Bell – The Hurd Ensemble [Electronic / Classical]
10) Motion Picture Soundtrack – Guavalove feat. Mooncandy [Experimental Pop]

Guest Music Director, Elizabeth Setzer

Readings by audience members and Quiet Lightning

KALX’s Citizen Zain will be spinning between sets and for the after party.

Stage Design: Rachel Znerold
Sound Power House: Ryan O. John, Brendan Dreaper, David Claudio, Arielle De Leon

More Information: www.undercoverpresents.com/shows